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branded product ideas

Looking for branded and promotional merchandise ideas to help get you noticed? Perhaps you have a corporate event, new marketing strategy or office branding mission? Use our branded merchandise ideas to help you decide which item is best for you!

Here at BH1 we are experts in the world of promotional merchandise so let us help you find fun ways to advertise your business. Speak to one of our friendly team about branded merchandise ideas today by calling 0345 226 1701, emailing us at or fill out the form below.

Find inspiration for branded merchandise via:

  • Best Sellers – View our best selling promotional merchandise to give you an idea of what our customers like best!
  • Seasonal – Search by season to help improve your marketing campaigns during different times of the year.
  • Industry Sector – Choose from 15 industry sectors to find promotional merchandise gifts that will best represent your business, ideal for quick ideas.
  • By Usage– Search by use of promotional merchandise, such as for an exhibition, festival, online campaigns and many more.
  • New products – View all the current trends going on in the world of promotional merchandise.

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Will Branded Merchandise Ideas Work For Me?

With many years of experience in the promotional world, our BH1 team members know what they are talking about. If you know you want to venture into the world of promotional products but are not sure what will work best for your company we have come up with some great promotional product ideas that work for different industry sectors, different seasons or different occasions. We can help with any initial ideas and expand on them so you receive the full advantages of promotional merchandise.

Take a look at our blogs for some inspiration with your promotional merchandise ideas:

Fun Ways to Advertise Your Business & Marketing Campaigns

When carrying out marketing campaigns for different industry sectors here at BH1 we can help you think outside the box and with some creative merchandise ideas. For example a gym or health company might normally think about giving away branded sports bottle, but a more creative item you could get branded would be a pedometer which can be used to help with clients fitness goals.

Best Sellers

Certain promotional items will withstand the test of time and will always work well with any marketing campaign. Pens and cotton bags are a safe bet for promoting any company at any event. Our best sellers are items that you can buy in bulk and giveaway throughout the year for any occasion.


There’s plenty of things to be getting on with around certain times of the year and planning what promotional items could take up a lot of valuable time. Let us take the stress out of planning what to offer. Seasonal merchandise can massively help with your marketing campaigns depending on the time of the year. Giving away Christmas themed presents will make your company look thoughtful. During summer months a pair of sunglasses with your brand logo on will help receive a high number of impressions.

Industry Sectors

Whilst most of our promotional items are very adaptable and will work well for any business certain products are more focused and can work hand in hand with your company’s services. We can help find you promotional products that will reinforce your expertise in your sector.

By Usage

Different branded products can work better depending on what sort of campaign you are using them for. Festivals and events will need products that can be given away free and easy to carry around all day, as well as being eye catching to help people come over to your stand. As for online campaigns, you will need items that can help bridge the gap between online and reality with the use of a tangible product.

New products

In the world of promotional items there are always new trends and new products. At BH1 we are constantly looking out for new products that will help your company stand out and attract new customers. Keep up to date by constantly checking out new products section so you don’t miss out on the new next craze in the promotional merchandise world.


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