Festivals & Events

If you’re attending any festivals & events this year you’ll want to attract as many people as possible to your stand. A perfect way to do this would be to give away a branded gift to not only attract people but to also help them remember your brand after the festival or event has finished. BH1 offer a range of festival and event merchandise.

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Showing 1–16 of 33 results

Why Should I Use Promotional Items When Attending a Festival or Event?

Outdoor festivals and events attract large crowds of people and so there is a huge opportunity to meet new customers and build relationships with existing ones. Whether you’re holding an event or exhibiting at a small local event or a national festival, you’ll not want to miss out on taking advantage of the marketing potential these offer. Small towns may hold local events which will help give your company local exposure and help create customer loyalty.

Knowing what promotional items are best suited to your company, your customers and the event can be a hard decision to make. Here at BH1 we’re happy to offer our expert advice about what products will work best.

Top 3 Products When Holding Your Own Festival or Outdoor Event

Tyvek Security Wristband – Wristbands create a simple solution for entry control and visitor management, especially if your event is longer that a single day. The Tyvek security wristbands look and feel like paper but are extremely durable.

Printed T-shirt – Promotional t-shirts still remain one of the best sellers when it comes to promotional merchandise. T-shirts are always a success due to the fact that they’re basically a walking billboard for your brand logo. The Fruit Of The Loom original t-shirts offer a fine knit gauge for enhanced printability, and are also available in ladies fit and child’s sizes.

Banners, Flags and Marquees – It may sound obvious to say that you will want to invest in these items, but they really are a great way to have your brand logo advertised without being too in your face. Printed banners and flags can help to advertise the event during the lead up to the day, as well as being dotted around the venue.

Top 3 Products When Exhibiting at a Festival or Outdoor Event

Printed Cotton Bags – Chances are your company won’t be the only one that is planning on giving out gifts at the event, and people will not want to carry around all their merchandise in their arms all day. A branded cotton bags takes away that problem, allowing people to keep all their goodies safe in one place whilst still enjoying their day out.

Promotional Manual Fans – Most events and festivals are held outside and during summer months, which means the attendees could be outside in the sun for most of the day. A branded hand fan will come in very handy when people are trying to have a cool down and find a shaded area out of the sun.

Branded Sunglasses – If it is sunny and people have forgotten to bring their sunglasses with them, you’re company will be thought of very kindly if you’ve got a spare pair of sunglasses to help them from squinting all day. With a bright pair of trendy sun glasses your brand logo is bound to stand out in a busy festival, with people seeing them all day and wanting to find your stand to get their own pair.

Behind The Scenes

Not only will you want to be giving away to customers and attendees, but you might also want to consider your staff members and company image. Our company identity products include feather flags, banners, name badges and promotional clothing. Investing in these will help to make your company look professional as well as increasing your company’s brand awareness.

How to Make the Most Out Of Exhibiting At a Festival or Event

Do your Research – Researching the event and attendees will be very beneficial when it comes to giving away promotional items. Who will be attending? Who you are trying to reach?  What is the best way to attract them? Will the attendees consist of mixed aged groups or one in particular? All these questions will help you with your marketing for the event as well as which promotional items will work best for giveaways.

Attract People to Your Stand – When exhibiting at a busy event or festival it can be easy for your stand to blend into the crowed and be missed. Make sure you don’t let potential customers pass you without interacting with them. Having bunting strategically placed can attract people to your stand, making sure you catch the eye of all potential customers.

Collect Customers Contact Information – You will want to collect contact information off people you meet so you can follow up with any potential customers. If your company specialises in products that are a large amount of money or a product that needs quotes agreed on before going ahead with a sale, a follow up message saying “it was nice to meet you” is a brilliant way to build a relationship with potential customers.

Pre-market and Post-market – Make sure you’re attracting the correct customers by letting people know where you will be. Using social media is an excellent way to let people know when and where the event is. Along with this you will also want to let customers know how the event went. This will then encourage other people to go to any future events you attend.