Branded Promotional Items By Industry Sectors

Do you want to explore the world of promotional products but not sure what products will work with your industry? Well we’ve thought of lots of products that will work hand in hand with your industry sector.

With many years’ experience with promotional items by industry sectors, let the experts here at BH1 Promotions take out the thought process for you when trying to decide what branded products will work best for you.

We’ve categorised the different industry sectors as seen below, but if you want any more help or guidance regarding what promotional products will work for you, get in contact with one of our experts today by calling us on 0345 226 1701 or sending us an email at

Are There Industry Specific Promotional Items?

Lots of our promotional products are very adaptable and will work well with all campaigns whatever sector you’re in, but some products are much more focused and will help to reinforce that you are experts in your field. Nothing is more effective than industry specific items which will help drive your message to new and existing customers. Whatever your industry, we can help find you the perfect items to make people remember you.

How Do I Know What Promotional Giveaways Will Work Best For My Industry?

Here at BH1 Promotions we have been working with promotional products for years and so we really understand the power of giving away promotional gifts to customers and clients. Over the years we have worked with many different industry sectors helping with all their marketing campaigns. We can help with all your initial ideas as well as helping you to think outside of the box to really get your customers talking about you.

Can I Get All My Promotional Gifts From BH1?

At BH1 promotions we have thousands of promotional products that can be branded to your company logo and colours. We offer promotional items and giveaways that are industry specific as well as promotional merchandise that is a lot broader that will work well for any business.

Automotive – From your first thought about car gifts like printed air fresheners, to thinking outside the box a bit more with promotional winter driving packs, we’ve got everything covered for your automotive campaigns.

Beauty – Why not give your customers a branded thank you gift for being loyal. With lots of items that work hand in hand with beauty industries such as promotional lip balms and nail files you’re bound to find something to help make your clients feel pampered.

Charities – With any charity campaign you want to have a high number of impressions to raise awareness. With a collection of low cost re-useable branded items, you’re brand image is guaranteed to be seen over and over again.

Construction – From promotional giveaways for clients, to branded tape measure and even trade clothes printed with your logo, we have many different items related to the construction industry.

Education – Our promotional educational range stretches further than basic branded pens and note pads. From school supplies, student union giveaways and even promotional tools to help endorse club nights at university, we have thought of many out of the box ideas that you can use.

Finance – Use promotional gifts to remind your clients that their money is safe in your hands. Executive branded gifts can also help to retain customers and increase customer loyalty.

Golf Shops – From standard branded golf balls and tees to high quality golf gift boxes for your executive clients, we offer promotional items to suit all of your golfing needs.

Gym & Fitness – The options are endless with our range of promotional items for the gym and fitness industry. Branded water bottles are most people’s go to item when thinking of gym giveaways, but why not think more about your customers’ needs and wants and give them something to help promote a healthier life like a branded pedometer.

Housing & Property – Housing and property companies can be versatile about what proportional giveaways they have. One item that will always work well is a branded key ring with your logo and all your details on to give away with the buyers new set of house keys.

IT – We have plenty of promotional items ideas for the IT sector, not only tech items but also items that can be used by people who work within the IT sector. Many people who use a computer tend to sit at a desk and so why not think about a desk top item. A desk top mobile phone stand will incorporate tech items and desk top items.

Pets & Veterinary – Whether you are planning on giving items away or selling them in your veterinary there are different items to choose from. A dog treat bag branded with your logo will allow your logo to be seen every morning when people take their dog for a walk.

Professional – If you want your company to stand out in a league of its own with executive products that will reflect your company in a professional light then look no further. We have collected our favourite promotional items.

Public Sector – Whether you want promotional products to give away at events, or for your employees and new starters we have a wide variety of items that would work perfectly within the public sector.

Retail – Your first thought for retail gifts may be bags (which we do have plenty of different styles of branded bags) but why not look a bit further into our other ideas for promotional giveaways for companies in the retail sector.

Travel Sector – We offer a wide variety of different travel ideas, from your standard travel ideas for example luggage tags and travel adaptors, to gifts that less generic like a multi-function cutlery set or glove box kits branded with your company logo.

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