Promotional Products for Online Campaigns

Here are our top ideas for promotional products that complement online marketing campaigns.

We’ve also detailed at the bottom a few examples of how to integrate promotional products into your online marketing campaigns.

Be it branded promotional items for your email sign ups, a free printed giveaway for liking a page or even a complimentary gift for all your blog subscribers.  Promotional products can be integrated into any online marketing campaign to boost its effectiveness.

Branded promotional products help ‘bridge the gap’

The digital marketplace is fast becoming a crowded place and with more and more brands competing within this environment, it’s difficult to get your message heard.

Promotional products branded with your logo offer a physical and tangible advertising medium that can help to bridge the gap between the ‘online’ and ‘real’ world.

Increase your e-mail sign ups with a Branded Stylus Pen

A simple and low-cost way to increase your conversions on your e-mail sign up form is to offer a promotional giveaway once they’ve filed it out.

What better product than a low-cost stylus pen printed with your logo.  Whilst it is a useful product in your recipients’ eyes, it will also be acting as a daily reminder to your recipient (and whoever else uses it!) of your company brand.

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Showing all 11 results

A free branded power bank with an online purchase

Offering a free gift at the online checkout is another great way to increase basket conversions and say thanks for your order at the same time.

A branded power bank is a functional low-cost gift that has a great high perceived value and will be promoting your brand long after the initial purchase.