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Branded Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are a marketing staple. By their very nature, umbrellas offer a generous print area and a very visible branding opportunity. They also tend to stand the test of time and are usually kept by recipients for years – who doesn’t have a few business logo umbrellas stored in their hallway or car for a rainy day?!

In the UK, we have plenty of rainy days every year, meaning there are multiple occasions when custom printed umbrellas with your logo could be out on display for all to see. Your recipients will get a warm, fuzzy (and dry!) feeling when they remember it’s your company that supplied the umbrella that’s protecting them form a torrential downpour! And they might attract envious looks from passers-by, who may be wishing they had one of your promotional umbrellas to keep them dry too—as they stare at your logo and, consciously or subconsciously, take note of your company name.

Types of custom printed umbrellas with logo

Of course, umbrellas are not just umbrellas! Umbrella printing can be done on many different types of umbrella, and some offer the chance of customising the handle as well as the canopy.

The type of promotional umbrella that’s correct for your marketing campaign and business depends on where you will be selling or giving them away and also your target audience. Branded budget umbrellas, promotional golf brollies, mini umbrellas, branded telescopic umbrellas, walking umbrellas… how will you choose?

With our help, of course! Here’s a rundown of the types of business logo umbrellas— and our suggestions for which audiences and events they may be best suited for—along with some top product picks.

Branded budget umbrellas

Umbrellas don’t have to be expensive to make an impact and we have some great value budget umbrellas that are nonetheless sturdy and attractive—and just waiting for umbrella printing and customisation to turn them into a moving advertisement for your business!

Our lowest-priced budget umbrella is the Super Budget Umbrella, at prices starting from just £6.53 a unit with 1-colour printing on one panel It’s a walking size umbrella with an automatic opening mechanism and a stylish handle, offering high impact for a low price. Suitable for all audiences and most events!

Promotional golf brollies

Branded golf umbrellas are always popular, whether they’re featured at a golfing day or not. Their large size and sturdy construction mean they’re great for two people or more to shelter under and ideal when it’s windy or the rain is coming down at an angle! Their large size is a bonus for businesses too because of the large printing area and big, bold advertising opportunity it offers.

Golf umbrellas are a great promotional item for corporate golf days but also do well at other outdoor events, especially those where there are large crowds of spectators who may be standing in the rain for a long time. They’re great for families, those who love outdoor pursuits and for people who like to keep a big umbrella in their car!

The Fibrestorm golf umbrella is one of our most popular UK-made business logo umbrellas. It has a storm-proof, stylish lightweight fibreglass frame and a pistol grip handle. With a very impressive diameter of 1300mm, it offers plenty of space for your branding via umbrella printing—and with 23 handle options and over 50 panel colours available, there’s lots of scope for complete customisation!

Portability: A telescopic or mini custom printed umbrella with logo

Of course, big isn’t necessarily best. People on the go tend to favour promotional folding umbrellas or smaller umbrellas they can tuck into a bag. Promotional folding umbrellas are also great giveaways to take to events as they take up less space than their bigger umbrella buddies, leaving you more room for other types of promotional merchandise.

Our Fare AOC Mini Umbrella is a compact telescopic umbrella with a rubberised handle. It comes with a cover and has a length of just 280mm when closed. This handy little promotional folding umbrella is available in 17 eye-catching colours, so it’s easy to find one that matches or complements your company colours. Small but perfectly proportioned!

Its big brother, the FARE Style AC Midsize Umbrella, is a larger, storm-proof telescopic umbrella measuring 890mm in length when closed. With flexible fibreglass ribs and a soft touch crook handle, this stylish umbrella comes in sophisticated anthracite grey with 10 trim and handle colours to choose from. Suitable for a discerning audience who appreciate a stylish yet portable umbrella.

Vented umbrellas

What on earth is a vented umbrella, we hear you ask? It’s a style of umbrella favoured by professional golfers and incorporates vents that allow gusts of wind to pass through, which makes it able to withstand the buffeting that some other umbrellas can’t!

Widely used on the professional circuit, our Supervent golf umbrella has two canopies that incorporate a vent, ideal for breezy days, and a sturdy fibreglass frame with storm-proof ribs, great for rough weather. There’s also a rubber golf grip handle, helping users keep hold of the Supervent even when the wind has other ideas!

This novel, high-quality golf umbrella is really eye-catching. It offers a print area of print area of 280 x 180mm and is available in a range of solid colours or colour/white combinations, all guaranteed to make your branding look striking. Supervent golf umbrellas are the perfect promotional umbrellas for golf days, outdoor events or family fun days.

Walking umbrellas

Walking umbrellas comfortably cover one person but can keep shelter two people at a squeeze! They’re the everyday-size umbrella owned and used by millions of people, which makes them the ideal promotional item whatever the event or audience.

Our Classic Wood Crook Umbrella is a walking umbrella with a traditional look, with a wooden stem and rounded, crook-style handle. However, it’s not old-fashioned; it has an automatic opening mechanism and its wide range of solid colour and colour/white combinations combine with umbrella printing to create a highly customisable and attractive promotional item.

We’ve highlighted just a few of our umbrellas here, so if you want to know more about any of our promotional umbrellas or discuss our wide range of branding options, contact us. We love to help our customers make the most of their budget and you can email us or call us on 0345 226 1701 to discuss your requirements and take advantage of our marketing expertise!

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