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Understanding the different techniques used in promotional branded clothing can be quite daunting at times, especially when you don’t know what the techniques are or how they are used and how they have an affect on the pricing.

With the weather changing now is a good time to start looking at your company clothing and seeing what needs freshening up, so with that in mind we thought with this eshot we’d introduce you to the 3 main printing techniques used on clothing and how they work and examples of clothing you could use with each technique:


Embroidery is a traditional technique which is instantly recognised as a high-quality feature that works really well for adding extra perceived value. Embroidery can be applied to both flat and irregular surfaces of all kinds of woven products.

Screen Printing:

Screen Printing gives high quality, long-lasting results for single and multi-colour decoration of flat services. Inks are pressed through mesh stencils to produce clear, sharp images which are ideal for logos and text. A good cost-effective solution for larger quantities.

Transfer Printing:

Transfer Printing is done by first creating a screen print image on paper and then using heat and glue to transfer it onto the chosen article. This technique can be applied in multiple colours onto all kinds of woven products and is a good economical solution for multicolour printing of smaller quantities.

To go to our special web page featuring different printing techniques that will help you understand your order more then CLICK HERE

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