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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Trying to increase conversions ‘online’ such as e-mail sign-ups, downloads and checkout purchases is difficult.

Well, it turns out there is a way, to not only boost your online conversions but to also build your brand at the same time.

In this post, I’m going to showcase 5 ways to increase your online conversions, with the power of promotional products, that will at the same time promote and build your brand.

Bridging the gap between ‘online’ and the ‘real’ world

The digital marketplace is becoming crowded and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your message heard.  People’s attention spans are becoming shorter and in the digital world, there are very few physical and tangible marketing touchpoints.

Think about it:

That e-book you’ve recently downloaded isn’t something you’ve physically picked up?

This is where the power of promotional products can really help to boost your conversions.  They offer a physical, tangible marketing touchpoint that helps to bridge the gap between the online and real world.

And the kicker:

A useful promotional item branded with your logo acts as a non-intrusive, silent marketing pillar, helping to build the foundations of your brand in your recipient’s eyes.  Long after the sign-up or online sale has taken place.

(Just think about the promotional items you use around your desk and on a daily basis!)

Let’s face it everyone loves to receive a free gift!

So how do we integrate promotional products as part of our online campaigns? Here are 5 great examples that could work for you:

1. Build your email list with sign-up thank you gifts

Today a lot of people are happy to do nearly everything online, but a free promotional gift at the subscribe or checkout stage will make your customers think they are getting more for their money and time. Providing added value at this crucial point helps to build trust, which in return will make them more likely to place an order or sign up with you.

Think about this:

If you were torn between two companies, both offering the same services at roughly the same price, would a useful free gift help sway you towards one company?  We think so!

2. Boost your online reviews as well as building brand awareness

We’re all aware of how beneficial word of mouth advertising is, but getting customers to leave reviews online can be quite hard, without coming across as being pushy.

Giving a free promotional gift in return for a review will make customers talk highly about you, without them realising they are going out of their way to endorse you or your services.

(An article in the ‘Journal of Marketing’ found that people who received a free item were 20% more likely to talk about the company!)

People naturally feel an obligation to return favours as a way of expressing their thanks. Whether this is repeat purchasing or spreading the word of how generous your company is, both are bonuses for you.

3. Say ‘thank you’ for that online order

It can be hard to get across a personal message showing your appreciation without your customers thinking they have received the same ‘thank you’ email as everyone else on your mailing list.

Giving your customers a free promotional gift will help to show them that they really are valued. By giving a branded useful gift that is of high perceived value reflects well on your company and shows that you care and value their business.

Handy hint:

Give your customers a useful gift such as a power bank or charging cable with your company logo on with their next order.  Not only will the high perceived value of the gift leave your client with a ‘wow they must really value my business’ feeling.  The usefulness of the gift will mean that next time they need to charge their battery on their mobile phone, they’ll be seeing your brand and know that you were looking out for them.

4. Provide a useful tool for your online services

Integrating digital marketing with traditional forms of marketing, such as branded items that compliment your campaign will help to maximise its potential.

Certain promotional products will work hand in hand with your digital campaigns. By demonstrating you have thought about what you are giving away, it shows you are the trustworthy experts in your field and have thought of everything.

For example:

If you are hosting a webinar, why not send a pair of branded headphones to your customers who have booked in. Not only are you giving them free gifts that they will appreciate and use in the future, you are giving them something that works hand in hand with your campaign.

5. Give a hard copy of that e-book download

E-books are a brilliant way to publish great content and are a good way to build your e-mail list too, but why not go one stage further and incorporate your great content into a physical form.

Product idea:

You could incorporate your e-book content as tip-in pages to the front of a company branded notebook.  The rest of the notebook is a handy and very useful item for your recipient to use on a daily basis.  All whilst exposing your logo and brand to them and whoever else sees it.


Some further inspiration

We’ve put together a range of tech and digitally related items that you can have branded with your logo, that will work well with your digital marketing campaigns.

Simply click here for some inspiration

If you would like a tailored ideas list of promotional product ideas for your company to work best with your digital marketing campaigns.  Give one of the team a call on on 0345 226 1701 or send us an email at

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