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The start of the year is a perfect time to get your essential office stationary branded products. So whether you’re an established or new company promotional stationary products are a good choice as they are an everyday product in any type of business.

Another use of these types of products is that if they are given to clients, the items which will be branded with your logo can also be used as an ideal way of keeping your brand name in front of your customers. Something that sits on their desk will constantly remind them about your products and services.

Whilst advertising in the media or by other means is amazingly expensive, custom promotional gifts to your clients or potential customers helps your company stay within your spending budget yet maximise your advertising needs.  Setting up your staff with your own company branding will enforce a sense of company loyalty and make them feel a part of the company.

There is a lot of variation in promotional stationary so you can choose from metal, plastics, eco-friendly, frosted, executive pens sets for corporate, highlighters, multi purpose pens, paper products and so forth.

It’s important when giving promotional items that you choose items that have a practical need for your client and in turn creating a need for them.  The 3 items below are items from our stationary range that can be used by anyone, everyday of the week.

Promotional desk pads are a way in which to get your brand and message right under the noses of your customers, and keep it there. Letting desk pads carry your message is a highly practical way to promote, and they will be used regularly on a daily basis ensuring your message is read on a continual basis.

Also by giving desk pads to your customers you will actually be doing them a favour in reducing their own stationery bills while getting your own logo seen. 

For those of you that are environmentally conscious we also have a recycled range of paper products. Each of these pads contains 50 sheets of paper and is glued to our standard backing board. The personalisation area for you is massive giving you more space to get your message across. 

The Contour Frost Ballpen is one of the most popular advertising pens. The pen has a sculptured body with matching rubber grip and chrome trim and comes in a range of 9 bright colours with a frosted finish. Its low price also makes it extremely popular for promotions and events. 

What office doesn’t have a need for sticky notes? They get stuck to computers, desk, folders and files. They are even used at home. Their appeal is that they are so convenient and easy to use and can be stuck to where you exactly want them without the need of staples or blue tack. 

Custom printed with your logo and message, you can be assured that not only will the recipient get your message, but as they are stuck to other people’s computers or desks around the office, then so will everyone else. 

We have an extensive range of promotional sticky notes, varying in size, shape and colour, with the Adhesive Pads 105x75mm being our most popular.

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