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Our promotional silver products are items such as business card holders, small desk clocks, picture frames, pen sets, etc. that are either silver plated or made from sterling silver.

These items are given to special customers and business associates as a way to say you appreciate their business. When the promotional silver products are engraved with your company logo, contact information and/or a message associated with your business, you are leaving more than a business calling card behind; you are leaving a useful gift as well.

Including the use of promotional silver products in your overall marketing plan enables you to grow your business in several ways. Each time the recipient of the promotional gift looks at that item, he will be reminded of your company. When displayed on someone’s desk or office entry area, your business is receiving free advertising.

In today’s highly competitive world, every business knows that having even the tiniest edge means a better chance of success for their company. The cost associated with purchasing these promotional silver items and having them engraved is a small price to pay compared to the added revenue your company will enjoy every time a client or a customer calls you for repeat business or refers another business associate to you.

Whether you plan on giving these at the year end to say thank you for a successful business year or at a trade show, promotional silver items are a wise business choice.(bpma)

Another bonus with these products are that they have a quick turnaround, 3-5 working days (after artwork approval of course!) So they can still be ordered in time for Christmas if your struggling to find that perfect gift. Browse our promotional Christmas ideas to get the one that boosts the confidence of your employees.


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