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Using Eco-Friendly promotional products could go a long way to helping you build a lasting relationship with some of your clients.

Recycled and environmentally friendly promotional products not only appeal to eco-minded consumers, but are also an excellent choice for companies that are concerned about the environment and want to convey this to their customers and prospects.

An advantage of using eco-friendly promotional products is that they are cost-effective. They give you a great chance of staying within your budget while getting products with an added message.

Giving out eco-friendly promotional products for marketing purpose will give customers the impression that you are a believer in the cause of saving the environment and the ecological system. This could be a huge factor why customers would buy your products or use your service and the opinion they form of you.

3 items we have focused on to show their use are 2 promotional products for everyday office use – the Green & Good Bio Pen Frosted  (10044) and the Green & Good Classic Coloured Folder  (15040).

Our 3rd item is something a little different but great for the summer time and to brighten up any office area. The Green & Good Tiny Terracotta Cube (18237) comes with a branding option of either having your logo/message printed on the standard packaging shown on the image, or with bespoke full colour packaging of your own design. For the seeds you can choose from Lucky Clover, Venus Flytrap, Wildflower, Sunflower, Norway Spruce, Hot Chillies, Mixed Herbs, Grape Vine or Butterflies & Bees Mix.

The greatest advantage of using eco-friendly products like above is that they are great marketing tools. Nowadays, there are many corporate giveaways and promotional items that are made from eco-friendly products. So save yourself a great deal of money by using eco-friendly promotional items for your next marketing event.

To see the other products featured in our New Eco Range then Click Here. If you would like more details on our new eco range or enquire about a product then either ring us on 0845 226 1701 or email us

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