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If you’re marketing on a budget, it’s important to select promotional items that will look good and get maximum exposure without breaking the bank. You also need to identify budget promotional products that you can buy in sufficient quantity to use in marketing campaigns or as branded event giveaways.

At BH1, we know many businesses don’t have a fortune to spend, so we have a whole section on our site dedicated to low cost branded merchandise ideas to make a small budget go further.

Here’s our pick of budget promotional products that offer a great marketing opportunity at minimal cost. We’ve quoted prices for the smallest minimum order quantities: order more and the prices go down even further!

Our promotional fridge magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to pick one that best complements your company’s image and logo—and several come in at less than 85p each, making them an effective and affordable way to promote your business.

This Flexible Fridge Clip Magnet is available in a telephone, house or square shape and can be full colour printed with your branding for just 74p. The telephone shape is ideal for contact details and the house shape is well-suited to estate agents or tradespeople. The visual stimulus of an appropriate shape that matches your products or services will help to keep your company in people’s minds!

For a more eco-friendly option, and another good choice of shapes, pick our Shaped Fridge Magnets. These fridge magnets are available in a circular or square shape, or a van shape that complements any kind of delivery service, furniture removal service or house clearance company’s branding really well. They are available in white, black, blue, red, yellow, green, orange and purple, with full colour branding, for just 83p. Even better, they’re made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, meaning delivery miles and material use is reduced. You can be reassured you’re purchasing a really eco-friendly promotional giveaway!

For something a little different—and still under that 85p a unit budget—you might prefer a multifunction fridge magnet. A promotional pen is always a favourite, so why not combine pen and fridge magnet?

Our branded Magnetic Ballpen is flat, offering a generous area for branding. This magnetic ballpoint pen with black ink is a great promotional giveaway—because it can stick on the fridge or other metal surfaces, it’s far less likely to get lost and far more likely to be seen again and again. It’s available in white or black. It’s just 74p per unit with a minimum order of 250 and available on 5 day despatch, meaning it’s the ideal item if you’re marketing on a budget and in a hurry!

Another novel take on the fridge magnet is this promotional Magnetic Photoframe, also on 5 day despatch, which can be 4 colour process printed with your branding. Ideal for a team photo, this could be a great memento and office talking point—and every time someone looks at the photo, they’ll see your company logo or message.

Promotional pens are a classic, cost effective marketing tool and one of the most widely used types of promotional merchandise. Nobody ever has enough pens (certainly not ones they can find, anyway!). Pens are well used and so seen frequently and everywhere. Repeated and wide exposure are the two aspects that define the ideal promotional products for marketing your business! Promotional pens make a great giveaway at trade shows, where people are constantly jotting down notes on the back of leaflets and business cards. We have a range of high quality but cheap printed plastic pens and even low cost metal pens that could soon be in the hands of these frantic scribblers!

Our Flamenco ballpen is our cheapest promotional plastic pen per unit and is available in all black (black ink) and all blue (blue ink) options, or in a variety of barrel/cap and end plug colour combinations: white/black (black ink), white/blue (blue ink), white/red (red ink), yellow/black (black ink), yellow/blue (blue ink) or all white (blue ink).

If you think branded metal pens are out of your price range, you might be surprised to learn that our cheapest promotional metal pen, the Silburn Rollerpen is just 70p with a minimum order of 250 units. It’s a black ink pen with a pull-off cap with chrome trim and has a high quality look, and will look even better with your branding on the barrel! It’s available in black or white and on 3 day despatch, so it’s another good buy if express delivery is important to you.

For an eco-friendly pen, forget plastic and metal and choose our Ecostick Ballpen. This brilliant branded pen is made from recycled cardboard and available in green, red or blue (with blue ink) or in a natural colour with black ink. It’s not just eco-friendly but pocket-friendly, too, costing just 17p a unit.

Our next promotional items suitable for a small budget are branded trolley coins (sometimes called trolley tokens, and often on a clip or keyring). You can read all about our trolley token keyrings and discover why they’re such an effective promotional item, but if you’re already convinced, take a look at our top picks.

Our cheapest trolley coin, and a good eco-friendly option, is the Trolley Clip Key Ring. Made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, it’s lobster style clip will attach it to keys or bag strap. It’s available in white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple, and the trolley coin itself can be branded in full colour with your logo. Yet it’s just 54p per unit, with a minimum order of 250!

Want a little more branding space? Then we’d recommend our Trolley Stick Key Ring. It’s still a bargain at 84p per unit (minimum order 250), yet offers fantastic branding options! For starters, you have an extra branding area; the flat stick joining the trolley coin to the keyring can be branded as well as the trolley coin itself. What’s more, that stick can be oval, oblong or round—just select the shape that complements your branding best. Finally, this trolley coin keyring is available in base colours of white, blue, red, orange, green, yellow, black and purple, and also, at increased cost, in custom Pantone matched colours. And available on 5 day despatch! What more could you ask for?

Last but not least is the not-so-humble printed promotional mug—a budget marketing classic, guaranteed to get lots of use and give your branding plenty of exposure. Our stylish Geneva Glass Coffee Mug has a 300ml capacity and an attractive frosted look. It’s also an amazing value promotional item, at just £1.75 per unit.

If you prefer a more traditional mug, prices rise, but our Quantum Earthenware Mug is only £3.47 per unit (minimum order 250)—impressive, as this is a large mug with a capacity of 430ml. It also has a stylish angular handle and rippled effect at the bottom of the mug surface for a different, eye-catching look. It’s available in black or white, ready for printing with your colour logo or message.

Marketing on a budget?

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