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Trying to keep someone’s attention can be pretty difficult in this day and age. Mobile devices and instant messaging have sped up our lives. The average attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, but today it’s gone down to 8.25 seconds!

That doesn’t mean you should give up on marketing. What it does mean is that you need to focus on two types of promotional idea: eternally popular branded items and relevant, creative marketing ideas that will promote your business to the audience of today and tomorrow.

If you’re not feeling very creative right now, no problem. At BH1, we’ve already done some creative thinking for you.

Creative giveaway ideas

Tap into the tech revolution… So people are using a lot of tech. What does that mean for you? It means you move with the times where your marketing is concerned, and recognise that some of today’s best marketing promotional giveaway ideas are branded tech items or promotional gadgets and accessories.

Apparently, the average person picks up their phone more than 1500 times a week—and that takes up an average of 3 hours and 16 minutes of their day! That’s a lot of time with their phone in their hands, where it will often be seen not just by them, but by the people they’re with. If you could find a way of getting your logo in front of them for those 3 hours and 16 minutes per day, and their friends and family, you’d be laughing!

Luckily, we can help you do just that with our promotional phone and tablet accessories.

These branded phone cases are a great choice. If someone has a phone case branded with your logo, then that’s an average of 1500 views per week for your branding, without that branding being intrusive. Subliminal marketing works. Seeing your logo frequently can subconsciously influence people’s thoughts.

One of our popular promotional phone cases is the iPhone 6 Soft Feel Case. This transparent and ultra-thin soft feel case won’t cover up that carefully-chosen phone colour and it’s also available to fit the iPhone 7, 8 or X, and the iPhone 6, 7 or 8 plus versions.

​Another promotional item that’s used a great deal, especially by office workers and students, is a USB flash drive. Not only are our branded USB flash drives a genuinely handy gift, but you can also pre-load them with documents or messages for your clients or potential customers.​

Our fun and stylish Original Twister USB Flash Drive is a really popular promotional tech item. It has a stainless steel cover and the body is available in a huge range of bright Pantone colours, meaning it’s easy to find a shade to complement your business branding. It has USB 2.0 or 3.0 interface and while our standard stock is 2GB, this flash drive comes in a range of memory sizes on request—just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Promotional Mugs

Our branded mugs are a classic promotional giveaway. One thing people haven’t stopped doing in today’s tech-driven world is drinking! Research has found that people in the UK drink 70 million cups of coffee per day and a staggering 165 million cups of tea!

That means promotional mugs will get used several times a day—day in, day out—and probably for years (we bet there’s a promotional mug or two sitting in your cupboard at work or at home right now!).

One of our more economical options is our large Quantum Earthenware Mug, with a stylish angular handle that makes it stand out from the crowd. This mug holds a very generous 430ml and comes in black or white, ready for printing with your colour logo or message.

For a more deluxe option that really catches the eye, you could go for our 310ml Rim and Handle Duraglaze Photo Mug, which features a colour-matched handle and mug rim for a different and attention-grabbing look. There are 12 handle and rim colours to choose from and the branding is via the exclusive patent-protected Duraglaze system. This offers full colour photo printing via Duraglaze Dye Sublimation, so you can be as creative with your look as you like. Duraglaze is independently tested to BS EN 12875-4 to over 2000 washes and confirmed 100% dishwasher proof. These mugs simply will not fade!

Sports marketing ideas

Sports, health and fitness are as popular as ever, so sports promotional items are still a relevant product area in which to spend your marketing budget. At BH1, we have a great selection of promotional sportswear including socks, hoodies, t-shirts and vest tops; branded sports bags; branded sports bottles; promotional golf accessories; and branded sports balls, including this Full Size Promotional Football.

This football is a quality promotional item at a great price. It is provided delated and comes in white by default, but can be flood printed to any Pantone colour. All of the 32 panels are available for branding.

Our generously-sized Dynamo San Jose Sports Bag has a zipped main compartment and a front pocket with a large branding area just waiting for your colour logo or message. There’s also a great choice of bag colour and white or black handle colour combinations, meaning you’re not restricted to boring black bags and can choose a shade that complements your company colours. You can choose from navy/white, red/white, black/white, white/black, aqua/white, bright green/white or yellow/white.

The Viz 750ml Sports Bottle is in bright Lumo yellow so it can be easily seen, and comes with a generous choice of lid colour options. There’s a translucent strip to let users see the measurement level and a wide neck for easy filling and cleaning. This bottle is available with either a one-way sip valve lid, a push pull lid or a flip and clip lid.

If you need more sports marketing ideas—perhaps you’re sponsoring a team or would like to make up marketing sports kits? Then get in touch for more information.

Events Marketing Ideas

There can be a lot of competition for attention at events, so you want to ensure your promotional items aren’t the ones that go in the bin—not great for the planet or your business! That means providing tried, trusted and/or relevant event giveaways. Besides the USB flash drives mentioned above, promotional conference folders are a useful giveaway on the day and are also bound to be used again and again.

Our promotional Dartford A4 Zipped Conference Folder is a quality product at a very competitive price. It features a 20 page A4 lined notepad and has a handy USB holder, plus useful sections for paperwork and business cards. This smart, black conference folder in lightly-grained PVC can feature your branding on the front, reminding the user who gave them this useful item every time they use it and catching the eye of others too. There’s also a pen loop just waiting for one of your promotional pens—win-win!

Talking of pens, what about promotional printed pens and pencils? Branded pens are promotional royalty! Nobody ever has enough pens and a branded pen is used anywhere and everywhere, again and again, ensuring your company branding gets maximum exposure.

At BH1, we have a great selection of promotional plastic pens and printed metal pens.

One of our most popular plastic pens is this Prodir DS3 Soft Touch Ballpen, which has twist action opening and a soft touch barrel. There are printing areas available on either the clip or the side of the cap. You can choose from blue or black ink options and the pen is available in orange, red, blue and black.

Finally, what every event attendee or conference delegate wants is a useful bag to carry home all the leaflets and paperwork they’ve been given, and reusable bags are always a great giveaway in this more environmentally-aware era. We have a selection of promotional cotton bags that are just the ticket, all with a very generous printing area.

One of our bestsellers is our Cotton Shopper Bag, made from 5oz 100% woven cotton and offering fantastic value for money. It comes in a natural colour and has a large 250 x 250mm branding area to show off your branding loudly and proudly!

Looking for promotional giveaway ideas?

Need more marketing promotional giveaway ideas, sports marketing promotion ideas or event marketing ideas, contact us by calling 0345 226 1701 or pinging us an email with your requirements. We will be happy to help!

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