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If you’re looking for freshers’ fair ideas, there are four important things to remember about freshers:

  1. They’re brand new to uni and usually, brand new to living away from home and having to cook, clean and generally fend for themselves. There will be dozens of things they forget to buy for uni because they’re used to having them readily available at home. So practical gifts will be well received – bottle openers, promotional mugs, mobile accessories and printed metal pens etc.
  2. They’re eager to experience as much of uni life as they can and meet new people.
  3. They’re short on storage space.
  4. They’re usually broke and love free stuff (but they’re the earners of tomorrow)!
This means that they turn up to Freshers’ Fairs in droves, looking for bargains, useful freebies and anything quirky or exciting! And that means you have the chance to capture their attention, get your brand seen and commandeer an army of advertisers, who’ll spend the rest of the year using or wearing your Freshers’ Fair freebies, promoting your business as they do so. Freshers Fairs are great for freshers, but they’re great for business too, so take a look at these promotional products that are perfect Freshers’ Fair ideas.

Help feed the freshers!

OK, it may be doing some freshers a disservice, but think of students feeding themselves and you’re likely to imagine them grabbing a pizza and washing it down with a beer (disclaimer: other alcoholic drinks are available!). Even the students who have the time, money and know-how to whip up healthy meals will resort to pizza when the pressure’s on.

So a great giveaway idea is this handy, space-saving pizza cutter with a built in bottle opener, featuring your logo. This is a promotional gift guaranteed to be used all the time, making sure your logo will be seen right through the academic year!

We also offer branded tankards, but of course, we can’t forget that not all students are drinkers (and even those that are need to give their liver a rest now and then!).

We have a range of printed mugs available and freshers who love a latte will also love our Americano Medio mug, available in many different colours to match your brand, helping them keep their coffee warm on the go and do be eco-friendly, avoiding plastic takeaway cups.

The younger generation is increasingly health conscious, drinking less tea and coffee than older people, and more water.

Whether they’re on their way to a lecture, the gym or a sports match, cash-strapped students will need a reusable branded water bottle. Our 800ml transparent water bottle has a hook (perfect for students carrying an armful of books!) and pop-up spout. It can be printed with your logo and the trim colour can be customised to match your branding.

Sweet treats go down well too. We offer a range of branded confectionery giveaways and our Atomz sweets are available in different flavours, with a personalised label and customisable colours.

Chill time!

Freshers will be keen to make new friends, giving them a sense of community and the immediate support structure they’ve lost by moving away from home. Games are a great way to make friends and many universities, including Solent and Warwick, recommend a pack of playing cards as a great ice breaker. Our promotional playing cards feature your logo on the back and come in a customisable box.

Uni’s not all pizza and beer. It can be hard work, and a stressful experience. The perfect giveaway to relieve that tension is a promotional stress ball, available in a range of colours and branded with your logo. You are in no way responsible if freshers throw your stress balls at their friends. Perhaps that helps them relax too?

Perfect gadgets for freshers

If they need to literally chill, on a hot day, what could be handier than our fun, quirky personalised phone fan? This tiny fan, available in several colours, plugs into their phone and can be printed with your logo.

Perhaps the best promotional freebies ideas are gadgets. At the low-tech end of the range is our McQueen Torch key ring, which will help students find their way home after a night out. It can be printed with your logo and there’s a wide range of colours available.

Earphones are easy to break and lose, so they make a great promotional item, as freshers will be keen to get a new or spare pair—and our promotional in-ear headphones are designed to be less easy to lose or break, so they will stay in freshers’ pockets for a long time, meaning your branding will be seen again and again!

Branded USB sticks (aka flash drives) are a must-have. 

Our Original Twister USB stick has a steel cover and comes in a range of memory sizes and colours.

Other perfect giveaways include branded powerbanks and branded notebooks (like our A5 Smart Notebook with a customisable branded cover) and promotional pens and pencils, including our handy space-saving multifunction ballpen and highlighter.

Not sure which promotional items to choose? Tick all the boxes with our ultimate freshers’ fair giveaway: The Promotional Fresher’s Kit! It includes a glow stick, 2 caffeine tablets, toothbrush, toothpaste, 2 plasters, an energy sweet, shower gel and bottle opener—the best freshers’ week items in one place! The full-colour digital printed labels on both sides will ensure your brand image really gets noticed.

Finally, they’ll need something to carry their freshers’ freebies away in, so a branded exhibition bag is just the thing. Our great value cotton tote bag can be customised with your logo and students will use it all year to avoid the 5p carrier bag charge!

Want more promotional ideas and exclusive offers?

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