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Need an excuse for some self promotion? Then why not use the tradition of egg giving during this time in March. Easter isn’t complete without the traditional Easter Egg.  So use this opportunity to get you company details and message out there in a different way with our Easter Egg. 

The 100g egg comes in a hexagonal box so you have quite a big print area to get your message across and not forgetting the printing will be done CMYK giving you the choice to use lots of colours and imagery that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to use when branding. The eggs could be given to staff or clients just to show your thinking of them – this type of self promotion would help in building relationships and loyalty.

 We’ve decided to include something slightly different this year for our Easter theme, the Easter Basket Kit.  This would be great for kids as inside it has the ingredients to make chocolate crispies, something kids would love to get involved in making.

 This Easter Round Sweet Pot holds a number of speckled chocolate eggs in a round little pot that could have many uses once the eggs have been eaten.

 The print area on the lid will be printed full colour – giving you a chance to create a colourful design and making your product relevant to the Easter theme.

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