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Covid19 Bench Uplifting

As we all get to grips with lockdown it’s certainly not business as usual at the moment.  Many if not all businesses across the UK and the world are affected and we’re no different here at BH1.

As we get used to business in these abnormal times we wanted to present a further update with what we are & what we’re not doing due to Covid-19 and the procedures we’re following based on the government advice.

Working from Home

The wellbeing of our staff, customers and everyone else connected with and part of BH1 is the most important thing during this corona chaos.  Like many of you already are, we too are working from home and operating reduced staffing hours in the process.

Our technology allows us to speak to you in whatever format is best and we are still contactable through the usual channels.  However it may take us a little longer than normal to respond to you due to the situation, so far we haven’t noticed any drop in response times or encountered any issues *fingers crossed

Helping You with Projects & Orders

We’re here for you.  At the beginning of this crisis we experienced (like many other businesses), a drop off in projects & orders.  We of course completely understand why this has happened.  ‘New Business’ has been put to one side at the moment and it’s a case of dealing with the current situation and ensuring that you emerge from corona in the best state possible.  However if you do need to speak to us please do so in the usual way – we are here to help.

As our whole industry adjusts to this new way of working the majority of our factories and suppliers have been affected in some way.  Whether that is closures, partial closures, or not at all this situation is constantly changing.  To mitigate this we are in constant contact with our supply chain and whilst production processes have been reduced in general, the majority of production schedules are still available albeit with slightly longer leadtimes.  This is obviously due to the correct and necessary instructions from the government and health guidelines for social distancing etc.

Bearing the above in mind when you speak to us about your existing or new projects & orders we will be able to fully update you with what’s happening and offer solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements, like we have for a number of you already.

Production, Print & Despatch

I’m pleased to say that all orders that we’re due for delivery have been.  Orders & projects currently in progress are all being delivered on schedule as planned.  If anything changes with this we will of course update you and resolve any potential issues, but so far so good and very little issues to report.

Corporate Schemes & Webshops

A number of you use and have our corporate schemes and webshop services and these are running to normal schedules with despatch.  Naturally we are following strict social distancing measures and all of the government advice as well as a rota system ensuring that there is only ever a minimum of staff members for on site despatch.  For your corporate scheme orders please continue to order in the usual manner or via your online webshops.

Meetings & Keeping In Touch

We understand that you want to be kept fully informed and it’s really important for us to keep you updated on what we’re doing and we’ll be doing this through our regular email newsletters as well as updates through our social channels.

We have already had a number of virtual meetings with some of you, discussing existing or new projects and ideas for when we emerge from corona.  This is something we have really enjoyed doing, although it’s taken a little getting used to (it’s always nice to speak to a human after all :).

We continue to offer this to you all should you require it, simply contact us and we can arrange a convenient time for a meeting.

We have so far used a few different methods for this, zoom, google hangouts, teams, skype so we can work with any software that is easiest for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s certainly tough going out there for everyone from both a business and personal point of view.  We’re confident that we will all emerge from this stronger and whilst it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, this too shall pass!

Stay Safe.

P.S. This page will be continuously updated as we move through and out of the Covid-19 crisis.

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