Promotional Desk Items

For businesses looking to fully immerse employees in company culture, BH1 Promotions’ promotional desk items are perfect. With BH1 Promotions offering an array of promotional desk accessories that are certain to be used throughout the day, you can be sure staff and visiting clients will be fully aware of your corporate colours, logo and identity.

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Showing 1–16 of 29 results

Showing 1–16 of 29 results

What Branded Desk Items Do We Offer?

Whether you are looking for standard or more unique promotional desk items, BH1 Promotions can satisfy all business needs. Our branded coasters are ideal as promotional items you can be sure will be used frequently, whilst our printed mouse mats are the perfect addition for office environments with standard desktop computers. For those looking to add their corporate identity to the smallest detail, our branded calculators are perfect for accountancy firms, banks and more. For more unique tastes and office environments, BH1 Promotions’ branded money boxes, pen pots and mobile phone stands are perfect to increase brand awareness.

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