Promotional Contour Pens

Promotional contour pens (also known as curvy ballpens) are amongst some of our most popular promotional items. They offer lots of different branding options, including a solid colour barrel, frosted barrel, and translucent barrel. As well as these options, there is also a large choice for printing; spot colour print, digital full colour print and even a wrap digital print, which allows a 360° digital print on your branded contour pen. We even offer an Eco contour ballpen made from recycled plastic barrel.
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Showing all 3 results

The UK’s Top Promotional Pen

Branded contour pens are the best-selling promotional pens in UK, and it’s clear to see why! They offer an attractive and contemporary design that moulds perfectly into your hand, with the comfort of the easy to hold rubberised grip.

With the ability to customise the barrel colour, the grip colour as well as printing your company logo in either spot colour or digital print, you’re sure to find the branded contour ballpen will suit any of your promotional campaigns.

No matter what industry you’re in, promotional pens are a cost effective investment to improve your brand presence, so why not go with UK’s top promotional pen!

The Contour Pen – Perfect for giveaways at exhibitions and shows!

Here at BH1 Promotions we try to make life as simple as possible for you when it comes to planning your promotional merchandise. We believe that the branded contour pen is a brilliant choice for a giveaway at any show or exhibition.

A promotional pen passes through an average of 7 users, so no wonder why branded pens are such a good giveaway item to help your brand stand out.

No matter your requirements you’re sure to find a contour ballpen to suit any of your promotional campaigns.

What printing option do I want for my promotional contour pens?

With the custom contour pen you are able to have a ‘spot colour’ print which will work perfectly if your logo has 1 or 2 different colours in. Alternatively if your logo has more than 2 colours, or you want a full picture design, this is also available with a ‘digital print’. What makes this pen even better is if you wanted a larger print area, the contour wrap ballpen allows you to have a full 360° ‘digital print’ covering the whole barrel.