Branded Golf Products

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Promotional corporate golf gifts are a great, playful way to make people aware of your company and a lot of business is signed, sealed and delivered on the golf course. Golf Balls are lost and found, relationships are formed and deals are done!

Discover our full range of promotional golf products and how we can make your company known in the golfing world by contacting BH1 Promotions on 0345 226 1701.

What Promotional Golf Products Do We Offer?

BH1 Promotions’ range of promotional golf products covers every aspect of the sport, from printed golf balls, branded golf tees, embroidered golf towels to branded golf umbrellas.

Planning a Corporate Golf Day or Event?

The best time to use your promotional golf products and increase brand awareness amongst new and existing clients is during corporate golf days. For these, BH1 Promotions supply printed golf balls from leading manufacturers including Callaway, Wilson, TaylorMade and Titleist, each able to be printed bespoke with your company logo and details.
Not sure what promotional golf product you want? Request our ‘golf day essentials’ mini brochure to be e-mailed to you to gain an overview of other items we can supply that you might not have thought of.

Not Sure What Golf Balls Your Need For Your Campaign?

If you need to buy promotional golf balls but have no idea what the difference between the different golf balls are, do not worry! BH1 are here to help!

There are a few things that you might want to take into consideration when choosing your promotional golf balls:

Durability – Your clients golfing abilities will help to decide how durable of a golf ball they will need. If they are a high handicapped golfer you will want to look into choosing a ‘hard’ printed golf ball as this will be harder to damage with general wear and tear. A ‘soft’ printed golf ball will not be able to withstand such treatment and is likely to split so should be used by more experienced, lower handicapped golfers.

Spin – A beginner would not need to worry about the spin on a golf ball, but for the advanced golfer a softer ball has a higher chance of imparting backspin or sidespin on it. Low-spin balls help to keep the ball straighter off the tee and a high-spin ball can be used by an experienced golfer for subtle shots around the green.

Cost – the newer the golfer the more likely they are to lose a golf ball and so, depending on your clients ability determines what budget you are willing to spend on your promotional golf balls.

We offer a range of branded golf balls printed with your logo for any budget; from budget golf balls, mid-range golf balls and premium golf balls:

Budget Golf Balls

Budget golf balls generally have a solid feel, provide long distance and are very durable. Suits a slower swinging golfer with a high handicap.

  • Durable, won’t scuff or wear as easily
  • Have less spin
  • Good for distance
  • Good for beginners or high handicappers

Mid-Range Golf Balls

Mid-range golf balls are high performance balls delivering outstanding distance, along with excellent spin for short stopping control on the shorter shots. Suits most golfers at a mid-range price.

  • Have similar distances to budget golf balls but with more control
  • Good for medium handicappers

Premium Golf Balls

Premium golf balls provide total performance and offer the ultimate combination of exceptional distance, the best short game spin and control with a very soft feel. Suits the better, lower handicap golfer.

  • Have more spin
  • Have more control around the green
  • Have softer covers and so more experienced golfers are able to use their skill to control the ball
  • Good for low handicappers

Why do golf balls have dimples?

The reason golf balls have dimples is to do with drag, the less areas you have on a golf ball the less area there is to be affected by the air. The dimples help the call to roll and bounce around which creates turbulence in the air on the surface of the ball, meaning it can travel further than if it was a smooth golf ball.


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